Our Connections
     1. Ekklesia
     2. Ish / Isha
     3. Ethne

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   Our Game Plan
     1. Equip Believers
     2. Fight Injustice
     3. Empower Children
     4. Innovate Strategies

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Welcome, People of Passion!

Thanks for visiting us.  During this week we pray that God has spoken/is speaking powerfully to you about your place in His great Mission.  Whatever Jesus asks you to do – GO FOR IT! 

We love “going for it” at 10/40 Connections!  We are an interdenominational group focused on sharing Christ's love with the least reached by word and deed.  Feel free to check out Who We Are, What We Do, and Our Ethos for ways God may be directing you to get involved.  Please contact us (write "Passion 2013" in the subject line) if we can help connect you with God's Mission!

For now, here are a few Passion Action Points:

Pray Wisely

  •       Set your watch alarm for 10:40am and join us in prayer each day for the least reached.
  •       Sign up here for monthly prayer updates.
  •       Download the Open Your Eyes prayer guide.

Give Generously

Inform and Mobilize Relentlessly

  • Invite a 10/40 Connections representative to address your church, university, or group.  Contact us.
  • Partner together – Are you a campus leader, business entrepreneur, or church staff member?  Contact us.
  • "Like" us on Facebook

GO (Global Opportunities) Strategically

  • Graduating college and looking for a year of life-on-life ministry and mentoring?  Read more about our U.S. Internship.
  • Interested in short-term teams among the least reached? Check out our Life Together & Sozo teams.
  • Ready to launch into the nations for 1-2 years? Check out Nexus.

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